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Experience the heights of luxury living at Godrej Nurture’s 2 BHK flats in Noida, boasting over 10+ exclusive amenities. Godrej Nurture Noida offers child-centric houses that are designed to address all aspects of your child’s growth and safety, all while providing an exceptional lifestyle at your doorstep.

From the moment they enter the world to their teenage years, Godrej Nurture offers avenues and facilities essential for nurturing your child’s development journey. Inside the secure premises of Godrej Nurture Noida, discover a nurturing atmosphere that prioritizes your loved ones’ health first and allows them to #PlayAndGrow safely.

Explore the pinnacle of luxury living with Godrej Tropical Isle and Godrej Palm Retreat, brought to you by Elite Realty Consultant, your trusted partner in real estate consultancy in Noida.

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FAQs about Godrej Nurture in Noida Sector 150

Godrej Nurture is a project of Godrej Properties in Noida Sector 150. It encapsulates premium apartment flats designed to provide exceptional lifestyles to people. Built on an area of over 9 acres, Godrej Nurture is an intricate complex in Sector 150 with a distinctive living experience as it is equipped with some world-class amenities, such as the following:

  • Swimming Pool
  • Tennis Court
  • Basketball Court

Our luxurious project defines your need for luxury living. With great amenities, we have also built child-centric houses that perfectly address the growth and safety of your children. You can have all the facilities essential for nurturing your child’s development starting from his or her early years to teenage at Godrej Properties.

Located in the great vicinity of Noida Sector 150, Godrej Nurture offers premium 2 BHK, 3 BHK, and 4 2 BHK flats designed to provide an exceptional lifestyle to you.


Godrej Nurture is a premium residential complex situated in Noida Sector 150 which promises and provides you with an exceptional lifestyle.


You can have world-class amenities if you purchase an apartment at Godrej Nurture, such as the following:

  • 3 BHK Flats with Enchanting Course Views
  • 4 BHK Flats with Enchanting Course Views
  • Premium Villas with Golf Course Views
  • High Street Retail
  • Italian Marble Flooring & Heated Swimming Pool Center
  • Drive-in Cinema & Premium Concierge Service


We operate a strong Housing Society Management at Godrej Nurture which implements varied access control measures for the safety and security of the Society, such as the following:

  • Security Gates
  • Key Cards
  • Intercom Systems

These systems are used as intended and do not allow any unauthorized entity to enter the premises. These systems also report malfunctions and suspicious incidents to the management timely to take corrective actions.

Some of the famed nearby schools and institutions at Godrej Nurture in Noida Sector 150 are

  • KR Mangalam World School at a distance of 2.95 km
  • Gautam Buddha University at a distance of 3.03 km
  • Gautam Buddha University in Kasna at a distance of 3.25 km

The price of an Apartment Unit in Godrej Nurture Noida starts at Rs. 9950000, all-inclusive.


Yes, Godrej Nurture offers green avenues as well as park facilities essential for nurturing your child in a playful environment. You can feel secure inside the premises of Godrej Nurture Noida, which offers a nurturing atmosphere for your loved ones and allows them to grow safely.


Godrej Nurture Noida built sustainable homes in a retrofitted manner to conserve valuable resources. We tend to optimize energy and promote water conservation that will last longer with quality systems. We built our sustainable living units with low-impact but high-performance materials.


Noida has a well-developed public transportation system in its vicinity like a near metro station to Godrej 146. There is also Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation which operates a network of buses to serve transit in different parts of Noida. One can always avail of auto- & cycle-rickshaws as modes of transportation for short distances to nearby locations.


Godrej Nurture Noida has built child-centric houses to address all aspects of a child’s growth as well as safety with an exceptional lifestyle. We offer avenues as well as facilities essential for nurturing a child’s development journey inside a nurturing atmosphere prioritized for health, play, and fun.


The community building in real estate at Godrej Nurture has evolved as a fundamental aspect of residential developments. People today value community building and neighborhood networking as well as real estate socialization as integral components of housing.

With the rise of community-centric living, Godrej Properties has built its projects as shining examples of how a Realtor can go beyond providing shelter. They can build meaningful connections for people which may last for a lifetime. This paradigm shift in real estate is both exciting and inspiring.


Godrej Nurture adopts numerous security measures for its housing society with the following:

  • Implementing Gated Access
  • Installing Surveillance Systems
  • Employing Security Personnel
  • Security Patrolling
  • Using Access Control Systems
  • Fostering Community Involvement programs
  • Neighbourhood Watch
  • Enforcing Community Policy Guidelines

Godrej Nurture project has strategically designed in its mid-stage construction numerous parking facilities, with a dedicated space for parking one or more vehicles as per the living unit owned by individuals.


Godrej Nurture in Noida issue as well as practice healthy living environment guidelines, for maintaining clean air, stable climate, adequate water, good sanitation, and better hygiene. We promote and practice the safe use of chemicals, radiation protection, safe workplaces, etc. in our vicinity.


Godrej Nurture in Noida has implemented special facilities for senior citizens within the compound like availing of the following accessibility and safety features:

  • Wheelchair Ramps
  • Handrails
  • Grab Bars
  • Non-Slip Flooring
  • Emergency Call Systems to prevent accidents

With this, you can promote independence for seniors and provide them with peace of mind and their families.

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